Monday, December 22, 2014  
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8/20/2012 9:08:31 AM
Last Updated:
12/19/2014 8:37:11 AM


Visitor Comments

Submitted By: RandomSubmitted: 12/8/2014
to the person saying the video was horrible.... U ever thought that if he HAD NOT MADE it, how thankful his family would had been to have that video to know he was calm and for him to say him goodbyes and to know he wasn't alone in his last moments. Stop thinking so negative.

Submitted By: ashleySubmitted: 12/8/2014
No need for negative comments.. The man filming could have captured this mans last words if he was in die in that car. Everyone is saying he should have helped him out, THAT IS THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO, is try and PULL someone out of a car when you are unaware of all their injuries, his back neck or anything else could have been broken as well. Most people would have screamed and made it worse, but he was keeping him calm and ALERT. ANYWAYS. the man is alive so KEEP your negativity TO YOURSELF.

Submitted By: johnathonSubmitted: 12/7/2014
Random j, on facebook, the mans name is sanford mouton.

Submitted By: mom of 3Submitted: 12/7/2014
Just saw the video that Sanford Mouton posted on his Facebook page. The gentleman didn't have to but he and and another gentleman stopped to assist this injured man. God bless Mr. Sanford Mouton for providing the compassion and human kindness needed in that very traumatic situation. In a time when the world is being divided into sides by color, this video shows the true human side of humanity. It would be awesome for these two to meet and have a conversation in a different setting.

Submitted By: madiSubmitted: 12/7/2014
Sanford mouton is the man who kept this man alert and alive if you search his name the video he took is viewable on his page

Submitted By: Submitted: 12/6/2014
The video is horrible and the person who filmed it and posted it should be ashamed. Stop filming a person's tragedy and just render aid. Society has become too concerned with the gore of things of this nature. I'm embarrassed for the person who felt the need to take gawking to an extreme and film this.

Submitted By: SandraSubmitted: 12/6/2014
go to Facebook page ... SanfordCoachMouton .. he actually stayed with the man keeping him from moving and keeping him talking until emergency help arrived. Thank God for good Samaritans ... he may have saved this guys life!

Submitted By: Submitted: 12/6/2014
Sanford mouton is the mans name. Search him on fb to see video

Submitted By: Michael StoreySubmitted: 12/6/2014
look up Sanford Mouton on facebook, he took the video and was this guys Angel for the day. Also there is a gofundme page setup to donate money for the injured guy Marc Wasson, can just search by his name.

Submitted By: Lori FornalSubmitted: 12/6/2014
What an angel of a man to help Mark stay alive. You are a true hero. Our World needs more people like you in it. God sent you there to help that man and you did a fabulous job. May you and your family be blessed always. You are such a wonderful man. Take care and God Bless!!!

Submitted By: brian grovesSubmitted: 12/6/2014
Praying for speedy recovery . thanks to everybody that was there to keep him talking and alert .prayers sent from fla. United rentals

Submitted By: Submitted: 12/5/2014
God bless Mr. Moutan for his heroic acts. I'm wishing the man in the accident a speedy recovery. To the fire and ems...the video was over 8 mins long, your response time is very lengthy, I'd be a little upset if I was his family.

Submitted By: PattiSubmitted: 12/5/2014
I tried to post the link to the video, but this website doesn't allow it. The video can be viewed on Sanford Mouton's Facebook page. Adam, please let Marc know there are a lot of people praying for his recovery.

Submitted By: Random JSubmitted: 12/4/2014
Stephanie, do you know where this video can be viewed? Thank you in advance.

Submitted By: Adam BuckSubmitted: 12/4/2014
Marc is close family friend of mine, all I can say is a thank you to the man who stopped and rendered aid, Mr. Moutan. I want to also thank the Brady ems/fire team, the flight ambulance team, and the surgeons at Breckinridge for keeping my friend alive. Without your skill and devotion to your jobs, Marc might not be with us, but he is, so I thank you for continuing the life of a loving father, a loving husband, and a loving friend.

Submitted By: Stephanie M.Submitted: 12/4/2014
There is a video that will hopefully go viral on Facebook. The mans name is Mr. Moutan that had stopped to help render aid to Marc and talked to him at length to help keep alert. Unfortunately Marc is left handed as he indicated in the video and losing his left hand will prove daunting in months to come. May God bless him as he recovers. And Mr. Moutan your an Angel.

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