Active Covid cases hit 160

by James Stewart

In just over a week, the number of positive Covid cases jumped from 90 to 160 following the release of numbers late Tuesday, Jan. 11.

Below are answers provided by local healthcare officials about the recent increase in cases:

Q: Are these cases simple positive results with minor symptoms or are we seeing an increase in hospitalizations?

A: So far cases have been simple with minimal symptoms. We do not currently any hospitalizations that we know about.

Q: Are any of the protocols different?

A: CDC continues to change the quarantine guidelines. As of today, a positive should stay home for 5 days, if no symptoms or symptoms are resolving the person, can leave the house and wear a mask when around others for 5 days. If the person has fever he/she should stay home until fever resolves.

Guidelines for exposed people can be found at

Q: Are these cases the latest variant - or can one even tell what variant one has?

A: We are not sure which variant is currently in McCulloch County, but we assume it is Omicron because it is so contagious.

Q: How are the hospitalization rates in San Angelo?

A: As of Tuesday morning, Shannon had 29 COVID patients in house. Emergent transfers for non COVID patients has become extremely difficult.

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