Grand jury no-bills Flores on murder charge

by James Stewart

A security camera recording that shows details of a stabbing in January appears to have provided sufficient evidence to vindicate Eric Daniel Flores from being charged with murder.

Late Tuesday, a McCulloch County grand jury no-billed Flores for the charge of murder in relation to the stabbing death of Doug Morton.

Flores was arrested and charged with murder following an incident that happened in the early hours of January 9 when Doug Morton died from stab wounds sustained in an altercation between the two men.

“The grand jury carefully considered all of the evidence before making their decision and I am very comfortable with the decision they made,” said Ahlschwede.

Subsequent to the notification that Flores was no-billed, the Brady Standard-Herald made a public information request to 452nd District Attorney Tonya Ahlschwede and obtained a copy of the order of the court as well as video evidence submitted by Brady Police that caught a portion of the incident on camera.

In speaking with the district attorney, an explanation of what could be seen on the video revealed the following:

1. Flores is the first person seen entering the video and using the dumpster to keep distance between him and his pursuer.

2. Morton is the second person to enter the screen and he proceeds to chase Flores around the dumpster.

3. BOTH individuals entered the scene each with a knife in one hand.

4. Flores proceeds to use a backpack to defend himself from advances by Morton and apparently dislodges the knife from Morton’s hand.

5. Morton continues to advance on Flores who uses his knife to defend himself.

6. Flores can be seen kicking Morton’s knife backwards when Morton again attacks Flores.

“Thankfully, someone had a functioning security camera that was pointed at just the right place that provided insight as to what actually happened that night,” said Mrs. Ahlschwede.

The full video of the incident can be seen on our Brady Standard-Herald facebook page.